Bear Hugs Greet Valentine Jetsetters


You may have heard the beary fun contest we partnered with Vermont Teddy Bear Company on to connect four beary-worthy travelers with loved ones this Valentine’s Day. This week, the lucky contest winners are traveling on JetBlue’s love birds to surprise their Valentines in Seattle, Raleigh/Durham, Denver, and Washington D.C. each with one large and cuddly wingman in tow: a four-and one half-foot-tall Big Hunka Love Bear from Vermont Teddy Bear!

Some of the winners have already taken to the skies with their new stuffed friends and delivered bear hugs to their Valentines:

Juliane’s Valentine isn’t her significant other, but a three-year-old boy named Lucas, who has an immune disorder called Hyper IgM syndrome. He and his family just moved to North Carolina for a minimum of six months so he can receive a bone marrow transplant. “Lucas’ mother is the sister I never had,” Juliane relayed. “I’ve known her literally my entire life, and it’s been very difficult for me to watch her go through this from Connecticut, her home state, and not be able to offer any help except from afar.” Juliane looks forward to giving her best friend a bear hug and to delivering a little boy the biggest stuffed animal he’s ever seen!

Contest winner Julianne unites Big Hunka Love Bear with her valentine, 3-year-old Luke

Claudia met her Valentine on her first day of high school, only the feeling wasn’t mutual. Evan was a senior and teased her. Even though they went on to marry others, Claudia always thought about Evan. Years later, she reconnected with him and they clicked. “It was everything a high school girl could have dreamt of,” Claudia said. “It was total, wonderful, romantic true love.” The only problem was that Claudia now lived in Los Angeles and Evan lived in Washington D.C. They’ve had to bear a bi-coastal relationship for 11 years!

Big Hunka Love Bear poses with the flight crew from Long Beach to D.C.
Contest winner Claudia settles in with her wingman for her flight from Long Beach to Washington D.C.

Jennifer has only had one true Valentine since the day she was born – her father. “My father has always been my biggest fan and has supported me through everything and anything,” she relays. Jennifer lives in Albany, New York, nearly 3,000 miles from her father in Seattle. The distance means that they miss out on important milestones, including the birth of Jennifer’s daughter, Audrey, last year. Her favorite memory with her dad is from the day her daughter was born. They connected on video chat, and her father tried to act like he wasn’t crying when he saw his granddaughter for the first time (Jennifer knew better).

Contest winner Jennifer and her daughter arrive in Seattle

We had some fun with Big Hunka Love Bear when we delivered him to the worthy winners in New York, and this made Boston – which has in its possession the last winning wingman scheduled to fly out to Denver tomorrow morning – eager to one-up New York. Our Boston crewmembers put Big Hunka Love Bear to work!