Be True: Laura is true to exceeding her own expectations


As you may know, we launched our Be True campaign last week, which tells the story of six outstanding TrueBlue members and what they hold to be true. Meet one of the six below, Laura.


Just taking little steps can take you farther than you ever thought possible. One summer, Laura challenged herself to run the one mile that she could never manage before. Although she didn’t consider herself to be naturally athletic, she was determined to push herself to her simple goal. One mile became three and then six and ultimately 26.2 miles in her first marathon. Laura was exploring her limits to see how far she could go. Each marathon she finished was one more step in conquering the impossible.

The pain and exhaustion that was wiped away by the runners high has propelled her from Alabama to Wyoming. Laura’s original goal was to run just one mile without stopping. Now at 25, she is the youngest woman to run a marathon in all 50 states, setting a world record.

We respect people who set their own pace and are true to their personal goals — however big or small. It’s this dedication to doing more that inspired us to create the most rewarding TrueBlue program ever.

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