Baby Birds Touch Down in NYC!


Image courtesy of zenera on Flickr

Our hawk-like eye on all things adorable and cool landed us a visit to the New York Times City Room blog, where a live streaming webcast of the city’s new feathered denizens resides. Yesterday, proud parents Rosie and Bobby welcomed their second-born baby hawk; the family is currently nestled in on the window ledge of New York University’s Bobst Library.

For those not familiar with New Yorkers’ obsession with local hawks, a whole new batch of bird watchers and lovers were hatched a handful of years ago when Pale Male, one of the city’s first red-tailed hawks, was spotted within city limits. Likely one of the most photographed birds in history, our fine-feathered friend took up residence on a window ledge across from Central Park.

As New York’s Hometown Airline, we’re proud to welcome our cousins to the neighborhood and look forward to watching them grow and take flight.

Watch the live Hawk Cam!