AOL Mystery Flyer gives JetBlue a favorable report card


No hot food, no pillows and blankets, and on some flights, no complimentary water. What’s left? The one thing that can turn a long, meal-less coach flight from an ordeal to a joyride is…friendliness: helpful airline personnel and flight attendants with a positive attitude.

That’s the motive for the AOL Mystery Flyer, an undercover reporter for AOL Travel News who is traveling on the major US airlines over a six week period to determine, “is there a price for nice”? The reporter is judging the airlines based on six criteria including how friendly and accommodating they are for pre-flight requests by phone, during check-in at ticketing, when requesting a seat change with the gate agent, onboard requests, observing others interactions, and the gate agent’s helpfulness upon arrival for information about connecting flights. All items are ranked on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best.

The Mystery Flyer jetted with to Richmond and had an extremely positive experience. We were given a 5/5 for four of the categories and a 4/5 for the other two. We were credited with having Crewmembers that, “made me feel like my questions were valid and answered them with patience.” We were helpful and friendly and overall impressed the AOL Mystery Flyer with our fine service!

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