High-rising to the occasion


This month we celebrate our 17th anniversary. We’ve come such a long way from those first 2 routes – We now serve 100 destinations across the Americas and Caribbean and continue to look toward more growth. As the saying goes though, “there’s no place like home,” which is why to celebrate our 17th anniversary, we have unveiled our newest tailfin – “Highrise,” a uniquely JetBlue take on the buildings that form the iconic skyline of our hometown.

Highrise pattern

The aircraft, “Red, White and Blue,” came fresh out the paint shop to JFK on February 16 after spending 9 days at the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility in Mobile, Alabama.

The design, which depicts the image of bright lights through window panes of city highrises, is meant to reflect JetBlue’s growth and New York’s perpetual desire to reach for the sky. Much like our journey as a company, climbing the city that never sleeps is not always easy, but it’s inspiring whatever your vantage point.

Four of our signature colors are what make up the design created by our Brand Design Team. The windows in the image are able to be “turned off,” thus creating a new arrangement that presents a slightly different image.

Highrise enters the fleet

Our growth may lead us down many paths, but when it comes to the evolution of our brand, we always come home. The “Highrise” pattern will continue to be featured on many of the aircraft we receive this year as well as planes that are due for a fresh coat of paint. “Red, White and Blue” is currently out in the network so be on the lookout as our newest tailfin design makes its way through the sky and to a BlueCity near you!