And The Plane Pull Winner Is…


The TSA came in first in yesterday’s plane pull against cancer, with a time of 31.25 seconds (to pull one of our A320s 100 feet). Following the TSA, the Nassau County Police AMTs took second place, and our boys in blue from our Tech Ops and Ground Ops teams came in third and fourth. See below for the times of the top contenders.

Nassau County Police AMTs 31.75
JetBlue Tech Ops 32.00
JetBlue GO 33.22
British Airways 35.16

Of course, the real winners of yesterday’s event are those that may benefit from the added visibility at Joining Against Cancer in Kids (the J.A.C.K. Foundation), a UK based charity to fund research designed to discover the causes and cure of Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood brain cancer.

See the full results here