And the Blue Pic(K) Winner is….


The masses have spoken! Hundreds of people voted for their favorite Blue Pic(K) and they liked Jetting into the sunset by our own Eddie Rosario photo best!

Eddie started with JetBlue back in 2008 in Ground Operations at the FLL ramp. He’s married to Janet and has two girls who are both in college. Eddie enjoys the energy of the people that work for JetBlue. He enjoys working the ramp, because though it’s hard work (especially with the brutal summer heat) getting flights out on time, it’s extremely rewarding to wave off a flight that you just turned with the help of your crew.

As for the image, Eddie snapped this shot as one of our flights was taxiing to the runway in Fort Lauderdale. Eddie’s always enjoyed sunrises and sunsets and as his team finished turning that particular flight and returned back to the gate the sun was setting and he grabbed this shot.

Thanks to all contestants for the great submissions and se sure to send your pic(K)s for next week to!