And the Blue Pic(K) Winner is…!


"Vacation smiles" by Britnee Gilbert

About the photo/photographer:

This photo was taken on the tarmac of Long Beach Airport on a trip back from Portland, Oregon to Salt Lake City, Utah. I work in Reservations in Salt Lake City and one of my best friend’s husband also works for JetBlue. So when we take trips back up to Portland (where we both lived and became friends) we usually fly together. This photo was snapped with her son Scotty after we got off the plane and noticed the beautiful California sunset. Scotty was my travel buddy and pulled pranks on me the whole flight switching my TV station and stealing my cookies. Love the kid! He’s a true JetBlue jetsetter traveling with his mom all the time and loves being part of the JetBlue family!

Thanks for considering my photo!

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