All You Can Love, A Match Made Close to Heaven


As told by a Customer:

Departure City: ORD
Destination City: LGB
Flight Date: 10/02/10

Image courtesy of aigle_dore on Flickr

Boarding the plane I was sad because my All You Can Jet Pass was nearing an end. It was a truly amazing month. Turns out the greatest part of my journey was about to begin. I traded middle seats to begin talking with Kimberly, the woman that will soon be my wife. It was a good move, as we have been inseparable since that day. I brought her back to Long Beach Airport last Thursday with a well-crafted ruse and proposed at the same gate where we de-planed. I’m happy to report she said yes and we will be getting married in Las Vegas on July 7th of this year. Thanks JetBlue you will always be a big part of my happily-ever-after.