A Rusty Air Traveler Practices


The following letter was written to use on behalf on Mr. Walsh, a Navy veteran who returns to air travel for the first time in years after the passing of his wife:

William and Bette Walsh, both Navy veterans, married, eventually had five kids, and spent the rest of their lives living the “American Dream” and working very hard along the way.  Mr. & Mrs. Walsh were blessed to enjoy family vacations together going to the Cape visiting family and friends, not to mention traveling all over to enjoy their life’s hard work.

Cut to Mrs. Walsh getting sick, very very sick.  After the kids were grown while Mr. & Mrs. Walsh were ready to embark on what should have been their “happiest times.”

Mr. Walsh never wavered.  The man NEVER complained.  Never did the “poor me, pity me, I have to care for my wife who is gravely, chronically ill”.  He took his love and his vows to heart; unlike most; and NEVER let her feel for one moment she wasn’t STILL the beautiful Navy bride he fell in love with and cared for.  A prince among men.

After a long and hard struggle, Mrs. Walsh recently passed on.  With her kids by her side, with her steadfast, healthy husband, by her side.  She was surrounded by love and left this world knowing she was loved.  Most of all, by Mr. William Walsh.  The love of her life and the father of her five children.

They would have been married 59 years this year.  Mr. Walsh is mourning the loss of his love, Mrs. Walsh, at the same time attempting his celebrating the new beginnings in his family’s life.  And he’s not familiar with the “ways of the world” these days.  Having not traveled for so many years while caring for his sick wife.

Despite the fact that Mr. Walsh had not traveled in many, many, many years and was unaware of all the TSA requirements and “new” traveling requirements, he was persuaded to accept an invitation to travel.  Here’s where your wonderful staff come in to play……

Mr. Walsh, feeling unsure and uncomfortable about the “new” traveling requirements, while being a healthy man in his late 70’s, he took it upon himself to do a “trial run” by driving up from Vero Beach, Florida to Orlando, Florida.  Your agent, upon hearing Mr. Walsh’s explanation, took it upon themselves to “walk” him through the entire process.  From the check-in, to the TSA, to EVERY aspect he might feel uncomfortable about.  Your agent went above and beyond to “hear” his concerns and “feel” the need for compassion.  I was FLOORED.  You only hear about the “bad” experiences people have, right?  Well, I was moved to tears at the compassion my best friend’s father was given.  He deserved it; he needed it; he appreciated it.  Plain and simple.  Thank you.

I want to help my best friend’s dad, my friend, know that he matters and his love and compassion is shared by a “huge” company such as JetBlue.  And, at the same time I want to say “thank you” for being so benevolent via having your employees be so compassionate to a grieving man embark on his life’s last endeavors.  Thank you.