A Fun Over-inflated Exchange on Twitter


We had a fun exchange with our partners over at DirecTV yesterday, when they chatted us up on Twitter to show a picture they took of one of our planes alongside one of their blimps.

As a company that continues to grow but holds strongly onto our small-company ethos, we do believe that size (in some regards) doesn’t matter!

Check out the full conversation below.

Image courtesy of Allan Judd and the DIRECTV blimp

3:16 PM Nov 17

  • JetBlue @dtvblimp Ahh, but our a320 has 150 individual TVs each with with 36 channels of free @DIRECTV. How’s YOUR ride kitted out? #DIRECTVblimp

3:42 PM Nov 17

  • DIRECTV BLIMP @JetBlue well played my friend. all we have is a 2100 sq ft full color LED screen on the side of the blimp. that’s all..

3:46 PM Nov 17

  • JetBlue @dtvblimp We could look into adding one… but choosing who gets the remote would suck (nevermind the Other Guys flying alongside to watch)

4:06 PM Nov 17

Image courtesy of Allan Judd and the DIRECTV blimp

4:14 PM Nov 17

  • JetBlue @dtvblimp Awesome picture! The area around Laguardia is great for plane spotting -we never thought about plane spotting from above though!