A Conversation With SiriusXM OutQ Radio Host Derek


Alan Ball

Our BlueTales author (who just happens to be one extremely witty, talented, and enthusiastic JetBluer) recently paid a visit to SiriusXM’s studios to get an inside look at how the original satellite radio content gets produced. It’s amazing how the shiny little studios in Manhattan create the 100 channels of free entertainment that get loaded onto our planes for our Customers’ listening pleasure (and wherever else people tune in).

One of the newest channels in our free in-flight lineup is OutQ, broadcasting content to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community. To coincide with the new chilling season of True Blood, OutQ announced that Academy® and Emmy®-Award winning writer/producer/director Alan Ball will be the featured subject of an installment of Iconography, their series that honors the life, career, and impact of iconic personalities.

We recently sat down with OutQ radio host Derek of Derek & Romaine, a popular afternoon drive talk show that The Washington Post called “frisky, free-wheeling…a distinctly different brand of radio,” to talk turkey about Iconography, Derek’s job as a radio host, and his experiences with JetBlue. The tables were turned for Derek; rather than interviewing others like he normally does on his show, he was the one getting interviewed by JetBlue! Check out the audio recording of the interview below and be sure to check out SiriusXM’s 24/7 LGBT channel OutQ when you’re flying on JetBlue!

Highlights from our interview with Derek:

Romaine and Derek

How do you feel about the new captive audience you’ve picked up on JetBlue flights? It is great! About 1% of our listeners in our most recent listener survey said that they have already heard us on a flight which is pretty cool. I love listening to Sirius XM on my JetBlue flight, although I am more of a music fan so I like to chill out in my seat to 40s on 4.

Have you ever flown JetBlue? If so, what’s your favorite snack? Experience? Desination? I fly JetBlue all the time. I like the Terra Blue chips. If I’m really hungry, I spring for a Shape Up box. I love the hummus the way it is served in that twisty carton. I like to squeeze it out onto the pita chips like spray cheese from a can.

Since I live in the suburbs North of New York City, I love flying down to Florida from one of my smaller local airports. They are easy to get to and I love the convenience.

Window, middle, aisle? I am a window seat person because I like to look out and I feel like if you want to sleep, you can throw yourself against the window and not be disturbed too much.

Who would your ideal next-seat neighbor be? As small a person as possible! Our producer is a wee lass! She is maybe five feet tall and skinny. That’s perfect for a middle seat.

What do you do when you fly? Do you prefer work or disconnect? I like to sleep. I have the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime. But on JetBlue, I like the option of watching DirecTV or listening to Sirius XM. The overall experience on JetBlue is just really pleasant and I like the wide variety of free entertainment options.

Why should we listen to your show? 🙂 Because I think I am really funny! But you can decide for yourself. Unfortunately, you can’t call in from your seat when you listen on JetBlue but you can always email me later to tell me what you thought!

Our friends at SiriusXM are serious about making you happy! As such, they’re offering our readers a free 30-day online trial of their product and a discount on the hardware.