A Beary Happy Ending


You might remember last month’s A Tale of Blue Cities story about how our crewmember Diane went to some beary extreme lengths to help a little boy try to find his life-long friend “bear bear” that he lost on a JetBlue flight.

As we can all use a happy ending, below is a photo we received from five-year old Dane, the little boy who lost his beloved bear on one of our flights.  Last month we sent Dane a human-sized bear to replace the one he lost.  Dane’s dad sent us the photo along with a note that read:

Dane was thrilled to receive it and named him “Fatty.”  While he misses his little “Bear Bear”, he has put “Fatty” in his room next to his bed to keep him company each night.  He often remarks: “too bad I can’t just sleep on top of ‘Fatty’, that would be so awesome!”  Please send our thank you to those who tried their best to find our beloved “Bear Bear.”  He will be missed, but we have a new friend in “Fatty”. 

A bear-y happy ending indeed.

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