March 16, 2015

VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live hosted by Nick Lachey head to Austin

VH1’s hit morning show “Big Morning Buzz Live hosted by Nick Lachey is reaching new heights as in 36,000 feet to be exact.  Nick and his comic co-host Michelle Buteau are kicking off their SXSW trip by filming an entire show filled with musical performances, celebrity guests and lifestyle demos all aboard a JetBlue A320 aircraft headed to Austin and airing on Friday, March 20th at 9am ET/8am CT.

VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live Hosted by Nick Lachey will take to new heights with JetBlue and celebrity chef and television personality Rachael Ray, who sits down with Nick for a sky-high interview.  Giving new meaning to “in-flight entertainment,” the sultry and breakout electronic pop duo Marian Hill performs their latest hit in front of a plane full of fans.   Plus, VH1 You Oughta Know artist alum Ella Henderson gives the “Buzz” gang and unsuspecting customers and fans the ultimate airport sendoff by performing her hit single, “Ghost” as part of JetBlue’s Live From T5 Concert Series.  JetBlue’s award-winning Live From T5 Concert Series features surprise performances exclusively for ticketed customers. The series transforms the travel experience by producing free, live entertainment for customers traveling through their state-of-the-art home terminal – Terminal 5 – at JFK in New York.  The episode airs Friday, March 20th at 9am ET/8am CT.

Upon arrival in Austin, “Big Morning Buzz Live” heads to Cedar Door for an all-star musical lineup at Palladia’s Epic Awesome Showcase. The showcase, which will appear in the second SXSW-themed episode, will be hosted by Ingrid Michaelson and feature performances by Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo, English electronica trio Years & Years, up-and-comer Seinabo Sey, German duo Milky Chance, electronic musician Robert DeLong and rising musician Elle King. Nick and Michelle keep the SXSW festivities going by hitting local hotspots including Franklin Barbeque and a culinary tour de force of the best food trucks in Austin.  Nick and Michelle will also be joined by guest co-host and Grammy Award-winning artist Bridget Kelly. This SXSW-based episode, airs Monday, March 23rd at 9am ET/8am CT

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December 18, 2014

How did I land the best job in the world?

PHLFor the next 90 days, I’ll travel to all 87 cities that JetBlue flies to (BlueCities).  Why? JetBlue is celebrating, a well-deserved, 10th consecutive J.D. Power Award for customer satisfaction.  My job (if I can even call it a job as I’m having the best time of my life) is to travel with the J.D. Power #10 trophy to all BlueCities, and celebrate this accomplishment with my fellow Crewmembers.

Today is day 18, and I’ve visited 18 BlueCities.  When I arrive, Crewmembers are excited to see the J.D. Power Award, hold it, and take pictures.  As a JetBlue Crewmember myself, I find the best part of this job is to get to know my peers, and celebrate one of our greatest accomplishments together.  When we start talking, immediately they ask: How did you land the best job in the world?  I naturally tell them the story, and now I’ll reveal to you how it all happened.  It was very American Idol… just kidding!

A day in October of this year an email was sent out notifying all Airports Crewmembers of a 90 day special assignment.  The job description included 100% travel. That sounded right up my alley since I just turned 31, and I enjoy traveling more than anything else in the world.   It was the opportunity of a lifetime.   I sent my cover letter and resume.  Surprisingly, I received a call the following week, and after several phone interviews something special happened.  On Halloween, I was dressed as Darth Vader giving away candy to the neighborhood kids. Suddenly, I received an email that read the next step was an interview in person.  I was ecstatic! I started jumping up and down in excitement, and giving an outrageous amount of candy to the trick-or-treaters (it was the good candy too!).

The big day came when I had to prove I could really do this.  Oh the nervousness! I could feel the sweat go down my back.  I wore my lucky gray suit, and I tried not to trip on my heels going up the steps.  I managed to get into the conference room without needing one of those “air sickness bags.”  I worked up my courage and gave it all I had.  After 40 minutes, I left the building unceremoniously.

A few days later, I received a call on my cell phone from an unknown number, I almost left it go to voicemail.  Little did I know that was the call that changed my life. When they told me I got the job, I could not stop smiling.  I looked as if I had slept with a clothes hangar in my mouth the night before.  I had 3 weeks to pack my bags, give specific instructions to my neighbor on how to water my cactus, and I was out the door.

This journey has just begun, and I want to share it with you.  Keep following JD’s adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on BlueCityReport, and share this amazing experience with us.

I would not have the best job in the world if it wasn’t for the award winning customer service our JetBlue Crewmembers provide every day.  I have seen firsthand how dedicated they are to serve our customers, and genuinely help them get to where they need to be.  I’m honored to carry this 10th J.D. Power Award because it’s the symbol of how our Crewmembers’ daily hard work pays off.


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April 30, 2014

Our sixth annual Responsibility Report

Last week we released our sixth annual Responsibility Report, highlighting the progress we’ve made in 2013 in the environmental and social responsibility arenas. From initiatives like onboard recycling, to investing in our crewmembers and the communities in which we live in.

Read highlights of the report below or read the complete report here.

Climate Change and Decreasing Environmental Impact

  • Climate change: JetBlue is communicating transparently about climate change. We work every day to reduce our environmental impact and are fully committed to meeting the International Air Transport Association (IATA) targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. These include joining an industry pledge to cut carbon emissions 50 percent by 2050, relative to 2005 levels. (Want to learn more? Our CEO Dave Barger was recently speaking about it.)
  • Partnering to protect oceans: No one benefits when oceans and beaches are polluted. JetBlue teamed up with The Ocean Foundation to explore a novel approach to ocean health in the Caribbean. Destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean make up one-third of our route network, and the health and appearance of these destinations have a direct impact on our revenue. With The Ocean Foundation’s help, JetBlue is showing the economic value of clean beaches by directly tying the importance of nature to the airline’s main economic measure – revenue per available seat mile (RASM). (Want to help? Take our survey!)
  • Composting: In most terminals valuable food scraps are sent to landfills, where their nutritional value is lost and they emit GHGs during decomposition. JetBlue decided to do something different. At JFK’s T5, we began a partnership to compost food waste.  Through our composting partnership, we send nearly 300 pounds of material each day (55 tons annually) to a composting facility where it is turned into fertilizer and nutrient-rich soil for farms.

Governance and Transparency

  • Conflict materials: JetBlue purchases minerals to make the TVs on the aircraft. These TVs would not work without critical minerals to transmit signals and images. These minerals can only be sourced through mining in specific locations and not all mining and sourcing is created equal. Some minerals including, but not limited to, tungsten, tantalum, tin and gold, come from mines that engage in horrific and widespread human atrocities. We do not intend to fund these mines through its supply-chain and have started a deep audit of its supply-chain connected to their TVs and its LiveTV subsidiary that manufactures them.

Investing in its People

  • Marriage equality: JetBlue treats all crewmembers equally. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) made this difficult. For some crewmembers, this meant their partners could not be recognized as “spouses” by federal law, and couldn’t receive federal marriage benefits. Last year, JetBlue signed an amicus brief together with 278 employers and organizations, in the case of United States vs Windsor, who was challenging the Act’s constitutionality.

Investing in the Community

  • Volunteerism: JetBlue’s Community Connection program ties corporate giving with crewmembers’ passions. Through this program, crewmembers log the hours they volunteer with nonprofits and for every 25 hours, JetBlue donates a travel certificate for the charity of their choice. In total, 1,040 crewmembers volunteered 69,635 hours of their own time in 2013.
  • STEM/Aviation Education: JetBlue took its support for STEM education to the next level in 2013. By creating the JetBlue Foundation, the airline will put aviation on the map as a top career choice for students. The Foundation is company-sponsored, but independent from JetBlue. In 2013, the Foundation awarded $25,000 grants to three aviation-focused high school and college programs.

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November 14, 2013

A Day in the Life: Go Behind the Scenes at the JetBlue Veterans Career Expo

Welcome to A Day in the Life, where we take you behind the scenes to learn more about the important jobs that work in concert together to run a major airline. But this time, we want YOU to get a chance to meet and talk to some crewmembers in person.

On Thursday, November 21, JetBlue will host the second annual Veterans Career Expo at our Long Island City Support Center in Queens, New York. This is an opportunity for veterans to learn about careers here and talk to the crewmembers who keep the airline running.

If you are a veteran, don’t miss the chance to talk one-on-one with representatives from JetBlue departments including Finance, Inflight, Training, Marketing, Operations and more.

Participants will also have the opportunity to attend two workshops: Ace the Interview and Sharpen Your Resume.

To register, visit

What: Veterans Career Expo
Where: JetBlue Long Island City Support Center, 27-01 Queens Plaza North, Long Island City, New York, 11101
Time: 1215 – 1600

To brush up on our jobs before you arrive, check out some of our past A Day in the Life features

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October 10, 2013

TrueBlue takes a dip in the Family Pool

Today we’re spreading the news about latest way we’re building on TrueBlue: Family Pooling. We’ll be the only major carrier in the United States that offers a way for family members to earn TrueBlue points for their flights and share those points with each other at no cost. Watch the video below to learn all about the new program, and then read an interview with Dave Canty, Director Loyalty Marketing, who explains how Family Pooling came together.


Dave Canty on Family Pooling

As a father, what does Family Pooling mean to you?
Dave Canty: The customers who fly for family travel have been ignored by other airlines when it comes to being rewarded for their loyalty. To me, Family Pooling is about showing appreciation for that loyalty. While TrueBlue Mosaic recognized those who fly us often, Family Pooling recognizes families who make the decision to include JetBlue in their special summer vacation or winter getaway, for example. As a dad, I understand that it’s a big decision during the planning process, and I see Family Pooling as JetBlue’s way of saying thank you.

Did you run the idea for Family Pooling by our customers?
DC: Actually, we got a resounding thumbs up! We held focus groups and an online panel and there was huge support for the idea. There’s a core segment of our customers that chooses JetBlue exclusively for their family travel, and we wanted to find a way within TrueBlue to recognize that loyalty. Allowing customers to pool their points seemed like an obvious opportunity. I honestly believe that if there was any airline in the United States that could do this, it had to be JetBlue.

What are our competitors doing that’s similar?
DC: We’re the only carrier in the United States to offer Family Pooling and our competitors don’t have anything that’s similar. However, history shows that other carriers tend to follow suit, similar to the way we once were the only carrier to introduce a revenue-based loyalty program and implement a badging element. While there will inevitably be followers, I know we’ll out-perform when it comes to delivery.

It’s a busy time for JetBlue – lots of things happening! How does TrueBlue fit into the picture?
DC: TrueBlue is a core offering of JetBlue and complements the JetBlue Experience. Since it is revenue-based, it becomes even more relevant and rewarding to the customer if they buy a Mint or an Even More Space seat. I see Family Pooling as another way JetBlue inspires humanity. We listened to what our customers wanted and came up with a solution for them –- sometimes putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is the simplest way to show you care, and that’s what we did when it came to developing Family Pooling.


Want to learn more about Family Pooling? Head to TrueBlue: Family Pooling

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May 8, 2013

A Day in the Life: Recruiting

Welcome to A Day in the Life, where we take you behind the scenes at JetBlue to learn more about the important jobs that work in concert together to run a major airline. This time, we visit with Shivani, one of our Recruiters.

With a big smile and a bubbly personality, it’s clear that Shivani is a people person on first meeting. Responsible for inflight, or flight attendant, hiring, as well as for our College Crew, or internship program, Shivani works to identify the brightest and bluest to join our growing team of 15,000 and counting.

Above all, Shivani and our entire recruiting team are positioned to protect and strengthen the JetBlue culture through vetting and identifying the right talent. After all, our competitive advantage is our people – we wouldn’t be the airline that provides the best customer service in the skies if not for our 15,000 crewmembers that are selected for their passion

Shivani is part of a larger team composed of crewmembers like herself that handle the recruiting for all of our respective workgroups – airportspilotsinflight, customer support, system operations, technical opsground operations and support center crewmembers. Although our recruiting approach differs according to the workgroup, we have one core goal when identifying talent: to find people whose values are aligned with JetBlue’s five core values – Safety, Caring, Integrity Fun, and Passion – and to invite those who are a fit to become our newest blues.


Top Five Tips for Landing a Job at JetBlue

1. Do your homework! Research JetBlue. Be familiar with our five core values and company history, and most importantly know what’s happening at JetBlue today.

2. Know your story: Prepare for an interview by thinking of specific situations you have encountered, and how you have handled them.

3.  Show your passion: At JetBlue, we are all very passionate about the airline and what we do, so show passion for the role you are applying for as well as for JetBlue.

4. Be open and honest.

5. Be yourself! We are a fun company, and we just want you to be you!


As an airline that is profitable and growing (AKA, we’re hiring!) we see a lot of interest in any open positions that we have. Reviewing resumes to invite candidates to the interview process is no easy task. Shivani’s team received 8,000 resumes for 365 inflight positions (with more than 880 resumes received in just two hours!). Similarly, more than 1,000 resumes came in for 28 College Crew positions. “We’re very selective about who we ask to join the team,” relays Shivani. “It’s not just experience alone that we’re looking for; we ask the question, are you someone who is going to provide excellent customer service?”

Each week, Shivani’s team holds a BlueBlitz session, a meeting where dozens of inflight candidates learn more about JetBlue and get a chance to show off their professional and interpersonal skills. More than just an interview, this day-long event includes all sorts of games and activities that allow the JetBlue team to observe how the candidates interact with one another and demonstrate our core values. Later in the day, we conduct BlueRevues with a selection of the candidates. This is where we learn more about their interests and experience. Finally, we select our newest Inflight crewmembers.

Shivani’s job doesn’t end there. Our new hires then go on to orientation and training at JetBlue University in Orlando, and Shivani has a vested interest in seeing that her new hires make it through that experience and then move onto the line to take on their customer-facing roles. She works closely with the inflight team to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that our newest crewmembers are a strong fit for our culture.

The College Crew program is one that Shivani is particularly proud of. She helped to rebuild the program from the ground up, and is hopeful that she is helping to select interns that will eventually turn into full-time crewmembers at JetBlue. Each spring Shivani works with local universities to identify candidates for summer-long internships across various workgroups. Our program for selecting interns is much more strategic than just hiring extra sets of hands and helping college students gain workplace experience; our mission is to build an innovative internship program to identify a pipeline of future high performing talent by developing strategic university relationships and enhancing the intern experience.

Shivani and the recruiting team are constantly looking for new and different ways to engage potential talent, including via social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and developing direct relationships with colleges and universities and other partners to identify the right candidates to join the JetBlue family. As the landscape changes, Shivani’s team looks to keep up with the latest channels for communicating open positions and recruiting the best new crewmembers to deliver excellence in customer service.

Are you interested in working at JetBlue? Do you share our values of Safety, Caring, Integrity, Passion, and Fun? We’re always looking for people who can represent us well. Check out our open positions and to see if there’s a career here right for you!

Check out the previous editions of A Day In The Life and stay tuned for the next edition!

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November 25, 2012

Our First Ever Veterans Career Fair

Last week, we held our first ever Veterans Career Fair at our Long Island City support center, our most recent effort in assisting the transition of service members and veterans into the workplace. This has been a pioneering year for our Vets in Blue recruitment initiative, with our team spearheading numerous initiatives brand new to our airline in line with our philosophy of building a diverse workforce. In fact, our Veterans Career Fair comes on the heels of our VetConnect launch last week, a vet-to-vet peer mentoring program for newly onboarded veterans.

We’ve joined the 100,000 Jobs Mission, a faction of businesses who proactively assist service members and veterans transition after military service. Our Veterans Career Fair, which drew approximately 100 participants, is one way we’re taking action to present opportunities to our service men and women.

The day was split up into two sessions which included presentations by Warren Christie (VP – Operation Planning and Training) and Board Member General McChrystal. We also offered interview and resume building skills session, and time to meet with some of our leaders and veteran crewmembers (approximately 5% of crewmembers are veterans); there was even a special Q & A with our flight ops leaders for those attendees who are pilots. Each session ended with our department expo, where representatives from different departments explained their team’s position within our airline and answered questions.

General McChrystal has a longstanding military background, serving as the top commander of American forces in Afghanistan, among many other roles throughout his 34 year military career. He has served as Board Member for two years, applying his leadership experience to our business. During his presentation at the Veterans Career Fair, McChrystal spoke about his own transition from the military and his experience as a board member. He explained the JetBlue culture by recalling memories of witnessing our crewmembers live the Values. In fact, he drew a comparison between our culture and the military’s social network.

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August 25, 2012

The Wanted Rocks Live From T5!

Famed British boy band, The Wanted, graced the stages of our Terminal 5 at JFK this Wednesday, with customers, contest winners, and devoted fans excitedly standing by to catch the intimate show and a chance to meet the stars.

Access Hollywood was on the scene and interviewed the group before the show:

Check out more images from the show

Learn more about our Live From T5 concert series


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April 12, 2012

A Day in the Life: Schedule Planning

Welcome to A Day in the Life, where we take you behind the scenes at JetBlue to learn more about the important jobs that work in concert together to run a major airline. This time, we visit with Jeff and Greg, Managers on our Schedule Planning team, one of the most complex jobs at JetBlue.

Ever wonder why your flight departs at 8:59 a.m. rather than 9 a.m., or when we make the decision to publish our schedule extensions so you can book that trip to Puerto Rico for next March? Greg and Jeff hold the key to those answers. They’re the guys behind the numbers and are responsible for scheduling our 750 daily flights.

When a new city or route is announced, Jeff, who leads JetBlue’s future scheduling team, steps in to ensure those flights make it from concept to reality. He works with just about every group at JetBlue, from Revenue Management and Route Planning to Maintenance, Airports and Crew Scheduling, to position those flights so that they’re at optimal times for our customers and crewmembers.

Jeff has to account for things like slots at some of the busier airports (where we can only fly a certain number of flights daily during designated times), ensuring our aircraft are passing through the right cities for overnight maintenance checks , all while balancing the commercial strategies and maximizing profitability – all key ingredients of a JetBlue schedule. He also works with our Revenue Management team to review how our flights performed the year prior to help determine how we will determine future scheduling (adding or removing flights). Jeff also works regularly with the FAA and other airlines to trade slots when needed.

We’re generally planning schedules for all our flights close to a year in advance, and work to fine tune them prior to publishing between seven and ten months out (that’s when you can purchase tickets).

Greg’s job comes into play with flights that are three months out; he leads JetBlue’s current schedules team. Greg also coordinates with just about every group at JetBlue, and often is the clearinghouse for all things scheduling that need to get tweaked before a schedule becomes final.

As it gets closer to the actual month of travel, he shares the schedules with key departments and coordinates the requests across our workgroups to adjust times as needed. He might get a request, for instance, from our Crew Scheduling team to push flights up or back just a couple of minutes to accommodate a crew that might be connecting to another flight. He might get a call from one of our BlueCities that a last minute runway construction project is planned for the evening or that an air show will close the airport for an hour. His job is to figure out how to re-time our flights around unforeseen events.

One of the charts that Greg works with, showing our daily departures for May

Of course, Greg and Jeff also take into consideration the optimal times for arrivals when it comes to things like helping our customers maximize their beach time and minimize wait time at customs (like not scheduling our flight to arrive at the same time as ten 777′s from Asia) if at all possible. At any given moment, they are juggling considerations from multiple  groups within JetBlue as well as the best interests of our customers.

One of the coolest parts of Greg and Jeff’s jobs is that they assign all of our flight numbers. In an ode to our history, Flight 1 remains our first scheduled flight from New York’s JFK to Fort Lauderdale. They also labeled one of our Boston to Las Vegas flights 777; one of our Washington D.C.-bound flights is 1600; and our Bogotá flight is named 1783 after the birth year of Simón Bolívar, who led Colombia to independence from Spain.

As we move into 2012 and beyond and introduce our new A321 fleet, as well as our A320neo aircraft and retrofitted winglets, a whole new layer of complexity will be added to Greg and Jeff’s plates. Aside from a growing number of aircraft and flights to schedule, which planes should be scheduled for our transcontinental flights versus the East Coast corridor?

The team jokes that they’ve often considered giving potential candidates a Sudoku puzzle as an interview test since airline scheduling is like a large ever-evolving puzzle. The job has so many moving pieces and requires consideration from almost every workgroup at JetBlue that only a person with agility and critical thinking skills can truly enjoy this kind of work. At its essence, developing an efficient schedule for 750 daily flights is a huge, complex puzzle!

Check out the previous editions of A Day In The Life and meet Loretta in Security, Chris in InflightMorgan in Social Media, Don in Air Traffic System Control, and Mike in Ground Operations, and stay tuned for the next edition!

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April 1, 2012

Statement by Connye Osbon on Behalf of the Osbon Family

We released the following statement by Connye Osbon, wife of Captain Clayton Osbon, on behalf of the Osbon family today:

“First, we would like to thank all those who have expressed concern and kind thoughts during this difficult time. We appreciate the public’s interest in our family’s current situation and in Clayton’s well-being.

“We would also like to thank the kind and compassionate team of doctors and staff at Northwest Texas Healthcare System in Amarillo, as well as the many friends, coworkers, and loved ones who have reached out to us to wish Clayton well during this challenging time.

“At this time, we ask that the media respect our wishes for privacy. We understand the public’s interest in speaking with Clayton and family members, but we respectfully decline all interview requests and will not be making further statement.

“We hope you can empathize and understand that our focus completely surrounds Clayton’s recovery and the path that lies immediately ahead.

“Finally, we would like to recognize the Crew and passengers of Flight 191 for their effective yet compassionate handling of the situation. It is our belief, as Clayton’s family, that while he was clearly distressed, he was not intentionally violent toward anyone. We know you were placed in an awful situation and we appreciate your ability to respond professionally.”

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