November 24, 2015

Bringing premium entertainment to new heights

Connected WebJust in time for this week’s busy holiday travel, we’re thrilled to announce that customers traveling on our Fly-Fi equipped aircraft (over 150 aircraft including our entire Airbus fleet!) across our domestic routes will have access to some amazing content across our Fly-Fi Hub, and with our newest partners at Amazon!

Amazon Prime members can sign-in or sign-up to instantly access tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes, including Amazon Originals such as the critically-acclaimed new series The Man in the High Castle, the multi Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series, Transparent, and the Emmy award-winning kid’s series Tumble Leaf, at no additional cost to their membership. In addition, all JetBlue customers can rent or purchase titles in the Amazon Video store, including new release movies and day-after TV programming.

The Hub

As part of the multiyear year agreement, Amazon on JetBlue has been integrated into The Hub, JetBlue’s entertainment portal that customers access on their personal devices. Amazon on JetBlue offers a high-quality and reliable streaming experience for customers choosing from thousands of titles 35,000 feet in the air. In 2016, TrueBlue members will also be able to earn TrueBlue points for their purchases in more than 40 categories on Amazon while inflight or on the ground.
With this collaboration with Amazon, we’re thrilled to be able to continue offering our Fly-Fi high-speed Internet at no additional cost for our customers. Fly-Fi uses Ka-band satellite technology to offer a broadband Internet experience similar to what customers have at home, including the ability to stream video and use multiple devices at once. We currently have Fly-Fi installed on our entire fleet of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, and have begun installation on its fleet of Embraer 190s, and are aiming to complete installation in 2016, becoming the only U.S. carrier to offer free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet on every aircraft.

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November 20, 2015

JetBlue LIVE presenta a Pedro Capó en vivo desde la Terminal A del Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín

PedroCapo_Twitter_V03Pedro Capó regresa a Puerto Rico para dar un concierto especial el próximo 3 de diciembre en el Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín. El concierto estará accesible para los viajeros que transiten por la terminal ese día, miembros de tarjeta de Santander JetBlue MasterCard y ganadores de un concurso por las redes sociales del cantante. Esta es la primera vez que JetBlue LIVE se presenta en Puerto Rico y es la tercera vez que se hace el concierto fuera del Terminal 5 en JFK.

Capó ha protagonizado películas, participado en exitosas producciones teatrales, escrito galardonadas canciones para artistas internacionales como Ricky Martin y Ednita Nazario y cuenta con siete sencillos número uno en las radios de Puerto Rico. Pedro es el nieto del famoso cantante puertorriqueño Bobby Capó e hijo del cantante y creador de salsa nueva trova, Bobby Capó. Pedro es el tercero en esta tradición familiar de dejar una marca en la música latina y en la cultura puertorriqueña. Por tal razón, no pudimos pensar en un mejor artista para la primera edición de JetBlue LIVE Puerto Rico.

La plataforma de JetBlue LIVE ha contado con la participación de artistas de la talla de Taylor Swift, Boyz II Men, Ellie Goulding y Jason Derulo, entre otros.


Singer/songwriter Pedro Capo is returning home to San Juan for a special pop-up performance on Dec. 3 at Luis Munoz International Airport. This concert is exclusively for travelers, select Santander JetBlue MasterCard cardmembers and contest winners.  This will also mark our first pop-up concert in Puerto Rico and third concert outside Terminal 5 at JFK. We could not think of a more ideal artist to welcome JetBlue LIVE to Puerto Rico than the legendary Pedro Capo – the modern-day Renaissance man who exemplifies the vibrancy of San Juan.

Capό has starred in major motion pictures, performed in hit theatrical productions, wrote widely-acclaimed songs for award-winning international superstars including Ricky Martin and Ednita Nazario and boasts seven #1 radio singles in Puerto Rico. He’s the grandson of famous Puerto Rican singer Bobby Capό and son of the well-remembered singer and founder of the Salsa nueva trova, also named Bobby Capό. Pedro is the third in a family of tradition that left its stamp on Latin music and Puerto Rican culture.

Pedro Capo will join an eclectic list of both emerging artists and top recording acts who has performed with JetBlue LIVE including: Taylor Swift, Boyz II Men, Aloe Blaac, Carly Rae Jepsen, Vance Joy, Ellie Goulding, Jason Derulo and many more.

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November 18, 2015

Bandwagon App Brings Taxi Sharing to JFK’s Terminal 5

We are excited to announce a new partnership between JetBlue and Bandwagon – a Brooklyn-based smart taxishare app. As a result of this partnership, we are now capable of providing our customers and crewmembers with a taxishare service at JFK’s Terminal 5 that will reduce travel line wait times, improve customer service, and reduce our carbon footprint. The partnership will commence on Thursday, November 19, just in time to ease the travel congestion that the busy holiday season brings.

Bandwagon works by partnering local travelers in taxi queues together, enabling them to bypass wait lines and join a taxishare priority line. Hoping in the next available cab, Bandwagon facilitates seamless fare splitting via cash, credit card and PayPal, while also enabling users to track the gallons of gasoline saved and C02 emissions prevented by their ridesharing. However, travelers will most likely be interested in Bandwagon’s ability to provide riders with net time and money saved by using the app.

This partnership represents the newest effort for our expanding sustainability platform. For every 10 matches made at JFK Terminal 5 with the Bandwagon app, we will offset one metric ton of C02 with Carbonfund, a non-profit that provides certified, permanent, and audited greenhouse emissions offsets.

We encourage both customers and crewmembers to utilize this new exclusive partnership and all it has to offer.


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November 16, 2015

JetBlue Unveils Phase One of BOS Renovations

Today, we showcased the first part of our modernization efforts of Terminal C at Boston’s Logan International Airport with the unveiling of the new North Pod ticket lobby.

BOS Ticket Lobby

While the entire ticket lobby renovation won’t be complete until Spring 2016, the new terminal overhaul is the reaffirmation of our commitment to Boston. After the success of our award-winning terminal at JFK; we knew Boston deserved a similar world-class experience. The new, refreshed ticket lobby at the departures level features two sets of ticket counters and 48 interactive kiosks displayed directly in front of our new “Blue Monster” backwall.

blue monster

At today’s event, customers and crewmembers got to huddle with New England Patriots’ team mascot Pat the Patriot, former New England Patriots Tight End Jermaine Wiggins, and MASSPORT CEO Thomas Glynn as they hoisted the freshly minted New England Patriots’ 2015 Super Bowl XLIX championship banner to the rafters of Terminal C amid celebration from the crowd. Make sure you look up for the Patriots’ championship banner the next time head through security at Terminal C!

Expect continuing improvements from BOS as we work to next open the South Pod ticket lobby in spring 2016 and a brand new, state-of-the-art bag belt system in summer 2016.



BOS Ribbon Cutting

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November 11, 2015

JetBlue Honors our Heroes on Charter flight to the World War II Museum

This Veteran’s Day is one we take particular pride in as we flew a group of veteran customers and crewmembers for a day trip to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans aboard our ‘Vets in Blue’ aircraft .

22504986218_341450303e_o (1)

The flight, which was also operated by veteran crewmembers included vets from World War II, Vietnam, Korea, and Desert Storm among others.

The day started at John F. Kennedy International Airport, where an honor guard presented the colors and saluted veterans as they boarded the plane to celebrating cheers.


Our crewmembers also showed their support by waving POW-MIA flags as the aircraft pushed back and passed through an water cannon salute.

A flight that was filled with military stories and a sense of patriotism. Upon arrival in New Orleans, the flight was welcomed by the Victory Belles  vocal trio performing WWII-era musical classics.


At the museum, it was no surprise that veterans were drawn to the B-17 Flying Fortress and a P-51 Mustang hanging from the ceiling among the rich history.

The day wrapped up with lunch keynote by Retired Lieutenant General George Flynn, who thanked our veterans for their service and dedication to our country.

On a day that recognizes the brave men and women who fought and continue to fight for our country, we are honored to share these moments with them.

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November 11, 2015

Heroes Work Here: Ringing in Veteran’s Day with NASDAQ

Our crewmembers are a major part of who we are and on this Veteran’s Day we’re reminded of our ongoing commitment to helping veteran’s.

Following Monday’s ‘Honoring Our Heroes’ flight to the World War II Museum in New Orleans, two of our leaders were invited to ring the opening bell at the NASDAQ this morning.

nasdaq vets bell ring

Photo courtesy NASDAQ

Mike Elliott, executive vice president, people and Jeff Martin, executive vice president, operations were side-by-side with other companies recognized by NASDAQ for their commitment to veteran hiring.

When Vets return to civilian life, they are faced with the challenge of finding work and Brandon De La Cruz, a current JetBlue crewmember, is one of many who have built a meaningful post-service career with JetBlue.

For Brandon, VetConnect, which matches veteran crewmember’s up with a mentor to help foster the skills and knowledge for success at Jetblue, was an essential tool in his transition to civilian life and his new JetBlue career.

Twice a year, JetBlue also hosts a  Military & Veteran Career Expo offering service men and women tips and tricks on everything from resume writing to interviewing.

With almost 1,300 Military and Veteran crewmembers, our commitment to men and women of active and retired service runs deep and extends beyond just our crewmembers. To learn more about our military and veteran initiatives or to apply, visit our veteran careers portal.

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November 9, 2015

“Attention in the Gate Area, It’s Time For Trivia!”

Delays happen. As an airline that aims to be on-time, we dislike delays just as much as our customers, but you can rest easy knowing that our crewmembers have found that “Fun” is the best way to battle the occasional inconveniences of travel.

We have all experienced it before: sitting at the gate, waiting to board your flight, thinking of ways to keep yourself busy. Our crewmembers think about it too so you don’t have to.

They get creative, and go “off script” to create a truly unique JetBlue Experience and we’re okay with that.

While waiting for a recent flight from Syracuse to John F. Kennedy Airport, which was delayed due to a ground delay program at JFK Airport, our customers got a little taste of “Fun” from Steve Gehm, a Syracuse Airport Operations crewmember with over 40 years of airline experience.

“Who’s ready for some trivia?” was not your typical “now boarding customers in our even more space seats” announcement, but it sure put smiles on the faces of our customers waiting for their plane to arrive and if you got a question right and came up to the podium, Steve gave you a little JetBlue S.W.A.G.

Can you answer all the questions correctly? (spoiler alert: answers are below winner picture)

  1. For those traveling to Orlando: What is Mickey Mouse’s birthday?
  2. For the Syracuse locals: What Syracuse invention does the average person sit in twice a year?
  3. For the sports fans: Where was the shot clock invented?
  4. In honor of Fly-Fi: Name one of the Co-Founders of the Internet?
  5. For the #AVGeeks: What is the average weight of a cumulus cloud?

Here were the airport winners:


And the winners are… Left to right: Carolyn, Andrea, Devon with Steve Gehm (Airport Operations Crewmember and Trivia Host)

How did you do? Check out the answers:

  1. November 18, 1928
  2. Dentist Chair
  3. Syracuse
  4. Vinton Cerf, Bob Kahn, or Donald Davies
  5. 1.1 million pounds

Is it time to brush up on your trivia game? If so, it might just help you win an impromptu gateside game!

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October 26, 2015

The Little Things Bring Humanity to JetBlue in a Big Way

Our crewmembers interact with thousands of customers every day while they’re making reservations, checking luggage, boarding flights, or handing out blue chips. Seeing so many faces and hearing so many names can make it difficult to recognize the little things, but our crewmembers go above and beyond to bring humanity back to air travel, and here is just one example of how we do it.

Birthday Couple

Marjorie and Howard have been married for 68 years and on their flight to go celebrate their birthday, they were surprised by our crewmembers with flowers and a gift basket in honor of Howard’s 95th and Marjorie’s 90th birthday!

It all started with one fun and caring customer service crewmember, Julie Hallsted, who noticed the special occasions were happening during a JetBlue trip. She decided to make it an extra special day for the couple by working with our Airport Operations crewmembers.

Thomas Jaison, one of our Philadelphia-based crewmembers who helped make it all happen said “Mrs. Marjorie and Mr. Howard were surprised and overwhelmed by the cookies, chocolates and flowers. They couldn’t have been more happy, and were surprised because they didn’t think airlines did that sort of thing.”


The Boston crew showed their love too with a surprise cake and “Happy Birthday” banner

Thanks to crewmembers like Julie, Thomas, and our Boston crewmembers, we can challenge expectations and in this case, put smiles on the faces of two very special customers, and one very happy couple.

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October 15, 2015

SoFly Faves: Our Very Own Cheerleaders

Our customers, crewmembers and friends are what keep us alive. Without them, we wouldn’t be JetBlue. That’s why each month, we’re picking out our favorite #JetBlueSoFly pictures and sharing them with the world.

This week, the ladies of the Brooklyn Nettes – the dancers for the Nets. They shared their JetBlue experience traveling to Barbados on Instagram and we wanted to share it with you.

Brooklyn in Barbados @brooklynettes We arrived to Barbados in style! Thank you @JetBlue for an amazing flight experience! More pics to come... #BrooklyninBarbados #JetBlueSoFly #CalendarShootStatus

Brooklyn in Barbados @brooklynettes
We arrived to Barbados in style! Thank you @JetBlue for an amazing flight experience! More pics to come… #BrooklyninBarbados #JetBlueSoFly #CalendarShootStatus

Share your SoFly pics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #JetBlueSoFly hashtag!

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October 14, 2015

Fly-Fi Gets Even More Fly

giphyGuess what? As of today our entire Airbus fleet has Fly-Fi installed. This makes up a majority of our aircraft – more than 70% to be exact. But even though our customers rave about our free service, the work is not done yet.

We have begun installing the same broadband Fly-Fi on our smaller, 100 seat, EMBRAER 190 aircraft that we fly on many of our shorter routes.

We are well on our way to being the first airline with free WiFi available on an entire fleet.

Completion of the installs on our remaining E190s is expected by Fall of 2016, so, sit down, buckle up and plug in!

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