Gate-to-gate electronics


We see you. We see you sneaking that last minute text message on your phone, hiding your e-reader in a magazine, or pretending to just look out the window on landing while you’re actually recording a video with your camera. But as of last Friday, we’ll now be able to leave you to our own devices.

That’s right, personal electronic devices are now able to be used through all phases of any JetBlue flight, gate-to-gate.

In fact, the first US airline flight allowing gate-to-gate use of electronic devices occurred on Friday when our own JetBlue flight 2302 pushed back from our gate at JFK T5 gate shortly after 4:30 in the afternoon to head out to Buffalo, NY.

We’re really excited by the chance to give our customers more freedom in the cabin to use their devices – and we’ll be excited to see you and smile as you grab that great photo of your destination even as we descend below 10,000 feet. If you have a chance to grab that great photo from the window below 10,000 feet, be sure to post it to SoFly. We’d love to see them!

Flight 2302


Of course, we know this change in policy also raises a lot more questions than the ol’ “turn them off” era, so we’ve put together a few of the more frequently asked questions:


Will cell phone calls be allowed?

Cellular calls will be permitted while the aircraft is on the ground. However, the FCC requires consumers to disable the cellular functionality of their devices before takeoff until the aircraft lands. Putting your device in “airplane mode” is an easy way to do this, but if you wish to use Bluetooth and other functions you may wish to disable the cellular capability manually.

Are there operational situations when PEDs can’t be used?

Yes. During certain low-visibility landings, all devices will still need to be completely powered down when our Inflight crewmembers are preparing the cabin for landing. In these cases, which represent less than 1% of our flights, the pilots will make an announcement to customers from the flight deck to explain the situation.

What about laptops?

Large electronic devices like laptops must be properly stowed before pushback and prior to landing. This is necessary to ensure safe egress of the aircraft in an emergency and is unrelated to the changes in FAA policy.

Will customers be required to turn off devices during the inflight safety briefing?

During the safety briefing, customers are encouraged to put down electronic devices, books and newspapers and listen to crewmembers’ instructions, but turning off electronic devices is not required.

For more information about using personal electronic devices onboard, please visit