10th Anniversary stories- Memorable Moment


Tina Turnier, Supervisor, Airport Operations, in her own words:

I remember whenever David Neeleman arrived to the terminal, the code over the radio to let everyone know that he was there was, “BIG BIRD’S IN THE BUILDING!” Everyone knew to hurry up, board that aircraft, close the door, and get it pushed off as quickly as possible. The reason for this was because David had such a big heart that he would tell late Customers, “C’mon we’ll get you on!” So to avoid taking a hit on a flight and having to explain the delay, at times we would board a flight in record time! We always asked for a delay code with the explanation, “DAVID.”

The 2003 Blackout was huge. I received letters from Customers thanking JetBlue for being the only airline to fly when there was no power in the NE. Loved ones made it home in time before a loved one passed away, Fathers made it home in time to see their children born. The Teamwork and the, “nothing is impossible,” attitude that took over JFK will always be unforgettable.