10th Anniversary stories- How I came to JetBlue


Tomasz Gurzynski, Inflight

I started with JetBlue almost 5 years ago as part of the original Airports crew for the newly opened BlueCity of Burbank. I have tons of memorable moments as well as existing great friendships. I was also on duty in BUR during famous events of flight 292 back in 2005. But one memory that stands out the most was from my Inflight Class Graduation in 2006. We had guest speaker Cindy Laney (current Inflight supervisor in MCO). Before we finally got our wings, Cindy shared her thoughts with us about how important our jobs are, not only for the company but also sometimes in individual people’s lives, and how large an impact we might have just from showing care to others. She told us a beautiful story from her previous airline experience, when she was a flight attendant.

The story was about elderly man traveling with his family on one of her flights. He was disabled and very sick, and Cindy and her crew took care of the man like it was their own family member, giving him extra care and comfort during the flight, going the extra mile to show him that he was special. When the family was leaving the aircraft and they were rolling out the wheelchair, Cindy was told by one of the family members that this was the elderly man’s last flight. It was his final destination.

The family said that they will never forget the special care they received from the crew on that man’s last journey.

We were deeply touched by the story Cindy shared with us. Today, whenever I fly I always remember that the people I care for during the flight could be on the last flight of their lives and it motivates me to give them the best that I can, in the hopes that they will remember flying with me and my crew. Treat people the way you want to be treated, Cindy said.

Cindy, thank you for giving us that special something which makes us being great at what we do every day. If we can motivate every new Inflight class the way Cindy did during our training, we will continue to have the best crew in the industry.