10th Anniversary stories – How I Came to JetBlue


Wendy Petties, Facilitator Leadership

When I got the call from recruiter Natalie White, I was literally around the corner from the hospital where I was scheduled to have spinal surgery in less than 2 hours. I was both excited to learn that JetBlue had gotten my application and resume and had called me and worried that my impending surgery would blow this opportunity.

When I explained where I was and said that I could not talk now but would be out of the hospital in a few days Natalie reassured me and help me to put my priorities in order by telling me to get off the phone and get better and that she would check on me the next week sometime. Like clockwork Natalie called the next day and, after asking about my well-being, said that she would send me the information to prepare for my interview and would schedule it for a month later. Since I was unsure I would be walking by then it was a tentative date.

I was just off of my walker a month later and came in and interviewed and then was hired. I only returned to my prior job on Wall Street to close up my projects and to say goodbye. My first day was February 14, 2007 – that infamous day. My friends at AIG laughed at me and my choice of JetBlue as the media was being brutal to us. I was happy with my choice when I saw fellow Crewmembers pitching in to help in any way they could. I knew this was the place I wanted to be. They just laughed. Look who is laughing now AIG!!! I will stick with us any day! Happy Birthday JetBlue – Happy Birthday Us!