10th Anniversary Crewmember story- How I came to JetBlue


Janet (Angie) Kardashian, Inflight Crew, JFK shares her inspiring story of how she came to join JetBlue:

I had an Italian restaurant in Tustin, Ca. for 22 years, in the town where I live. On Thanksgiving for 16 of those years I fed 750 Marines and their families a free Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings! The Commandant of the Marine Corps presented me with the highest medal you can achieve as a civilian. In August 2001 I went to the Pentagon to receive the medal.

While I was on the east coast I decided to go to NYC and vacation and one of the things I did while there was to go to the World Trade Center! The date of that ticket, now framed in my office at home, is 8-09-01, 31 days before 9-11. So, I was in both of those buildings just before they were hit.

Right after 911, I had an epiphany and in six weeks time, I sold my restaurant and left for NYC to cook for the NYFD- it took me two years to feed 103 companies in all 5 boroughs of NYC! donated all of the food to feed them and all of my time. Not long after, a retired Marine, who had become a JetBlue pilot, told me that I should apply for job with him. Another friend in the same week told me the same thing. I was amazed that in one week two people said the same words and had made the same gesture. So, I figured, what the heck; I will apply never thinking I would get called.

JetBlue called me. In three days I did the phone interview, in another week I was in NY for the all-day interview, a week after that I was in training in Orlando. The rest is history. It is the best thing I have ever done in my life! I love my job, I love the people. I love the perks!!! It is a job but at the same time it is fun helping people.