10th Anniversary- Crewmember memorable moment


Robert Evans, MCO-based Inflight, in his own words:

“I was the F1 on an evening flight from JFK to MCO and had three Unaccompanied Minors in row 1ABC. They were all dressed in shorts on their way to Orlando to visit family and Disney. The little girl in 1A asked for a blanket because her feet were cold (as we all know, sitting by the door is the coldest place on the plane). We had just begun our pillow and blanket program and were not supposed to comp them. I apologized to the little girl and explained that we didn’t have any to give out. As I was walking down the aisle the women in 2C pulled me aside and asked where the children’s parents were and why  they wouldn’t buy them blankets. I explained they were UMs which meant they were traveling on their own. Without hesitation she pulled out her purse gave me her credit card and told me to buy all three a pillow and blanket set. I was floored and thanked her profusely. What a pleasure to find someone like that on our plane. This was such a pleasant surprise. It restored my faith in people.”